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ReLax Collections Encourages Excellence Both on the Field and in the Classroom .

At ReLax we believe that playing a team sport, like lacrosse, has several positive impacts on student academics. Here are some ways in which participating in lacrosse can benefit students academically:


1. Discipline and Focus: Lacrosse requires discipline, focus, and dedication to improve skills and contribute to the team's success. These qualities can transfer to academic pursuits, helping students stay focused, set goals, and persevere in their studies.


2. Teamwork and Collaboration: Lacrosse is a team sport that relies on effective communication, cooperation, and collaboration among players. Students learn how to work together, support each other, and understand the importance of their individual contributions to the overall success of the team. These teamwork skills are applicable to group projects, presentations, and classroom discussions.


3. Leadership and Responsibility: Through lacrosse, students can develop leadership skills by taking on captain or leadership roles within their team. This fosters qualities such as decision-making, accountability, and problem-solving, which can translate into academic settings where students may be tasked with group leadership or taking initiative in their studies.


4. Goal Setting and Achievement: Lacrosse players often set goals for individual and team improvement. This practice of setting goals, tracking progress, and celebrating achievements can translate to academic settings, where students can apply the same strategies to their studies, setting goals for grades, assignments, or learning objectives.


Photos via Bronx Lacrosse

Sports Co

ReLax Collections x Ballers & Bookworms

ReLax Collections has partnered with Ballers & Bookworms to provide resources to level the playing field. Together we want to see a world where all student-athletes have access to quality athletic training, nutrition, academic support, and financial assistance no matter their family's economic situation. 

Ballers & Bookworms provides students with financial assistance (participation fees, SAT and AP registration, and, school supplies) academic support (individual tutoring, test prep materials, college search guidance) as well as athletic training (sport-specific training, nutrition, strength & conditioning, recruiting process guidance).


Photos via Bronx Lacrosse

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