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ReLax Collections Has Prevented Over 5 Trucks Worth of Non-Biodegradable Equipment From Going Into Landfills

Together we have prevented nearly 100 cubic yards of nonbiodegradable lacrosse equipment from being thrown in the landfill, all while helping promote the growth of the sport.

Before donations arrive, we encourage donors to ship in recycled cardboard boxes. Therefore, we teamed up with Amazon GiveBack Box to help further their motto of “No box left behind.” When donations arrive, they are not always in field ready condition, but that is no problem for us! Old heads are cleaned and stripped of their worn mesh, being replaced with a freshly strung new pocket that gives a player the ability to take a ReLax Renewed stick directly from our facility and play with it that day. No need for parents or coaches to help with stringing. Old rubber lacrosse balls are given a second life with the help of our friends at Grease Gripper. The equipment is cleaned, matched up, and categorized for ease of pickup for teams. As seen in the picture below, even the containers used to hold our equipment are made from recycled pallets.

From gloves to helmets, no piece of lacrosse equipment can be recycled for its raw materials, besides lacrosse heads. Keeping that in mind, ReLax set an initiative of preventing the nonbiodegradable plastics used in lacrosse equipment from entering landfills. In addition, we have teamed up with Re-Lax Sports Co. to recycle our unusable lacrosse heads. 

Sports Co

ReLax Collections x Re-Lax Sports Co

ReLax Collections has partnered with Re-Lax Sports Co to offer a new recycling program. Lacrosse heads that are broken or unable to be redistributed for athlete use are shipped to Re-Lax Sport Co. There, heads are broken down and remolded into eco-friendly lacrosse equipment. 

We also are offering a unique discount program through Re-Lax Sports Co! For each head that you send in to be recycled, we will give you 10% off of a Re-Lax Sports Co. head (up to 50% per new head).

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