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ReLax Collections Accepts Monetary and Physical Donations to Help Further Our Efforts

Donate Equipment

We accept any form of physical donation. If you have equipment that is heavily used or doesn't meet US regulations, we will fix it up and find it a new home. We have received sticks, nets, rebounders, shorts, art prints, and more - all of which have helped us grow the game of lacrosse

Due to overwhelming support, we are no longer accepting used jerseys. 

Donate Funds

We accept monetary donations to continue delivering equipment to not only those in our immediate area but also to those overseas. Donating funds will help us cover our overhead so we can redistribute opportunity to student athletes.

ReLax is an official 501(c)(3) government non-profit, so all the money and equipment that is donated will all go to the children in need. No matter the size of a donation, every dollar and every stick matters. Please keep in mind that the seemingly old stick will be the only one that these children have. All the money that will be donated will go directly to continuing to redistribute opportunity. If you would like to receive our Tax Identification Number please email us at

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