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We collect equipment in a variety of ways

Drop Off Equipment

If you are located near to our storage facility in Clinton NJ, you can schedule a time to drop off the equipment.


Company Donations

If you are a company looking to donate equipment such as excess stock, returns, and incorrectly manufactured goods please contact us.

Ship Equipment

If you are not located within driving distance you can ship all equipment using a prepaid shipping label! Each label is already addressed and can accommodate boxes up to 4 'x 5' and 40 pounds at a flat rate. The combined length and girth of a box (the length of its longest side plus the distance around its thickest part) may not exceed 108 inches.

Purchase a Shipping Label

University Donations

If you are a college or university we accept all unused equipment from storage facilities, teams, and individual players. Please contact us to further discuss NCAA regulations and equipment transportation.

What to know about Donating Equipment

We accept any form of physical donation. If you have equipment that is heavily used or doesn't meet US regulations, we will fix it up and find it a new home. We have received sticks, nets, rebounders, shorts, shiners, art prints, trophies, and more - all of which have helped us grow the game of lacrosse.

We are now accepting broken or unusable lacrosse heads, these will go to our parter program at ReLax Sport Co. which will recycle it into a new head. Learn more about our recycling program here.

Due to overwhelming support, we are no longer accepting used jerseys. 

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